Patient Stories

Storytelling has been an effective means of learning and connecting with people for thousands of years. As humans, we are emotional beings seeking a direct or in-direct connection with others.

In healthcare, clinicians and patients with chronic disease have long understood the power of storytelling and listening to personal narratives. Whether among patients in peer support groups, or between doctors and patients during consultation times, stories are an essential part of how we communicate, interpret experiences and incorporate new information into our lives.

The Ruby Red Foundation is working behind-the-scenes to steadily grow a gallery of patient story videos. If you are interested in being part of this initiative please contact us.


Lisa Manion (Sydney, Australia)

Almost 10 years ago Lisa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Following extensive treatment and testing she won her cancer battle only to be subsequently diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer she’d never heard of before (MPN).

Lisa says that when you’ve had cancer once before you don’t particular want it again, here is her story.