Patient Advocate

People living with chronic illness can find themselves feeling isolated and overwhelmed - support and advocacy is key to changing prognosis.

For people living with MPN, sometimes just living with the condition day-to-day and managing symptoms can be very daunting and physically challenging. Typical patient support networks including family, friends and general practitioners are sometimes unaware how to best provide support for such a rare and unknown condition.

It's important patients have someone they can reach out to for support - sometimes a simple conversation with a friendly face that understands what they're going through can help provide a new outlook.

What is the Patient Advocate?

The Ruby Red Patient Advocate provides that hand to reach out to for people living with MPN.

This is an entirely free volunteer support service for MPN patients, as well as representing the broader MPN community in our engagement with key partners and peak industry bodies.

We encourage people living with MPN to reach out if you're feeling overwhelmed, need support, or just want a chat with a friendly face.

How do I access the Patient Advocate?

The easiest way to reach out is by emailing and a member of the team will respond to your request and make further arrangements for a telephone or face-to-face conversation.

Please note. The Patient Advocate is a volunteer support and advocacy service for people living with MPN, clinical advice cannot be provided.