Participate in Research

The Ruby Red Foundation campaigns and funds vital MPN research right here in Australia. We are fortunate to have some amazing researchers working tirelessly to increase the collective understanding on aspects of disease progression, treatment options and ultimately the path to cure.

Increasingly there are more opportunities for patients than ever before to participate in MPN research. With healthcare clinical practice and research approaches orientating more towards a patient-centred approach, the ability for patients to become involved is something we encourage people to consider. 

Nominate to Participate in Research

The Foundation maintains a database of Australian MPN patients who have expressed an interest in being involved in research studies and trials. If you're a patient living with MPN and wish to be considered for future MPN research studies and trials right here in Australia, please register here.

Research Programs Seeking Patients

From time to time, the Foundation will publish below a list of research programs currently seeking patient engagement.

 Check back again soon!

There are currently no advertised research programs seeking patients.

Be sure to register you interest by nominating to participate in research using the link above.


If you're a researcher and currently seeking patient involvement for a study or trial, please contact us.