Making Research Happen

The Ruby Red Foundation is making research happen, bringing hope, strength and resilience to people living with MPN.

As Australia's only charity dedicated solely to MPN, we are committed to raising vital funds for MPN research, unravelling the disease process, its cause, and ultimately finding a cure.

Although MPNs are rare, there have been enormous breakthroughs in the last decade, including the discovery of some of the underlying acquired genetic mutations, but there is still no cure. Existing treatments can have harsh side effects, serious risks and don’t necessarily prevent relapse or disease progression.

The Foundation collaborates with some of the world's leading MPN researchers and peak bodies, including an amazing team of dedicated and passionate researchers right here in Australia, to identify and support research projects which hold promise for advancing our understanding of MPN and possible treatments.

Bringing new hope for Australian MPN patients.

With approximately 30,000 Australian's living with MPN, and upwards of 650 new diagnosis each year, greater emphasis is required here in Australia.

By developing a better understanding of MPN, combined with increased awareness across Australian specialists and clinicians, we can reduce delays in diagnosis (or misdiagnosis) - a major impact on patient quality of life, treatment and outcomes.

Bolstered support and greater funding for Australian researchers.

With a dedicated Foundation supporting Australian MPN researchers, working together we can direct more funding to vital MPN research studies and trials.

Australia has for much of the past decade been behind the rest of the world in providing funding for dedicated MPN research, including access to treatments and clinical trials for patients.

Despite major MPN discoveries and advancements in our understanding of the disease occurring right here in our own backyard (JAK2 - 2005), more funding is needed to bolster existing efforts.