Grant Applications

The Ruby Red Foundation provides research grants to make research happen. Our research programme focuses on 3 priority areas with potential to significantly impact patient health and well-being.



Partnering with other research bodies and foundations to allow members to participate in population based studies.


Genetic profiling to advance our collective understanding of the disease and what drives progression.


Funding research projects that aim to discover ways to slow or inhibit disease progression with new treatments.

How to Apply for a Research Grant

We welcome the submission of grant requests throughout the year, and will from time to time also invite responses to a specific Request For Proposal (RFP).

Our RFPs will be advertised on this page below, however to keep updated on upcoming requests we encourage all researchers and clinicians to join the Foundation as members.

Current Request For Proposals

We currently have no RFPs open.

Submit an Unsolicited Grant Request

To submit an unsolicited grant request at any time to the Foundation, please click-here to complete the form and attach supporting documentation.