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It's important to understand that as a patient living with MPN, you are not alone. The MPN community both here in Australia and overseas is a close-knit group of passionate and wonderful people that support one another.

The Ruby Red Foundation is very proud to be Australia's only registered charity dedicated to making research happen and supporting MPN patients. We are committed to actively working alongside patients, clinicians, researchers and the broader international MPN community to bring greater focus to MPN here in Australia.


Support Groups

  • Ruby Red Meetups (in most capital cities) - see Events page for dates.
  • Ruby Red Patient Advocate - a free social-support and advocacy service for MPN patients.
  • Leukaemia Foundation Coffee'n'Cake community events - see LFA Calendar  for more information.

Online Support Groups


  • For MPN-related events in Australia please visit our Events page for further information.

Patient Resources

International Resources